And 2 Makes 3! 2017 Claims 2 More

2017 is out to prove that the 2016 celebrity death parade was not a fluke. Earlier this week we lost former tv sweetheart, Mary Tyler Moore and now she will be joined by a couple gentleman from tv and movie fame—Mike Connors (91) and John Hurt (77).

Obviously the idea that celebrity deaths always come in “three’s” is merely a coincidence. But coincidentally, the coincidence seems to happen all the time. Is it safe to assume that there will be a short respite in deaths? Who knows, but Hollywood should be on notice. Time to live life to the fullest.

MIKE CONNORS (1925 – 2017)

 Mike Connors was best known for his role as the detective/private investigator Mannix in the aptly named tv show called “Mannix”. Baby-boomers everywhere—especially the females (from what I hear)—will be morning this loss for awhile.


JOHN HURT(1940 – 2017)

 John Hurt was in many-a-good movie including: The Elephant Man, a few Harry Potter movies, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Hellboy, and King Ralph. Ok, those aren’t all good movies.

One of his most famous scenes is in the movie Alien where he is unlucky enough to have an Alien burst through his chest. He recreated this scene in Mel Brooks’ Star Wars-spoof, Spaceballs.

R.I.P MC and JH

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