Look at me….I’d a Doctor!

Dr J., “Dr.” Scott C. Redman , Dr. Dr (photos courtesy of: NBA, Oak Lawn police, drdre.com)

Scott C. Redman, a 37 year old man from Hammond, Indiana was sentenced Wednesday on charges for impersonating a psychiatrist and illegally prescribing medication. Redman’s excuse was that he thought it was proper to just call yourself a doctor like hip-hop artist Dr. Dre or NBA Hall of Famer, Dr. J.

Redman asked members of the DEA, “Can’t you just call yourself what you want?”

Obviously, the answer was no.  Redman, who has had offices on both the North and South Side of Chicago treated and prescribed medication to over 50 patients.

“Dr.” Redman was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison.

Agent McLellen of the DEA recommends that people looking for help conduct their due diligence. “Just because Calvin Broadus calls himself Snoop Dogg doesn’t mean he is an actual canine. Rapper Eminem does not have a hard candy-coated shell. Although he may melt in your hands depending on how well you give massages.”

We thank Agent McLellen for his condescending and witty remarks.


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