Hollywood blaming Trump for Gaffes at Grammys

Last night’s 59th annual Grammy awards had some high and low moments. One of the best moments was the tribute to the late-great Prince featuring Bruno Mars and Morris Day and the (MUTHAFUCKING) Time. Is there a better song than Jungle Love? Well…yes, but its a good one. And Bruno Mars impressed with his rendition of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.”

However, besides the Prince tribute and a few other good performances, the show was riddled with audio and cam  era mistakes. The audio engineer or “sound guy” as he is being referred to on the internet had a really bad night and will no doubt be looking for a new job in the very near future if he wasn’t fired already last night. Adele had audio problems. Her tribute to George Michael was a disaster. Although some attribute the issue to Adele just not being prepared and being off-key. Adele has been a part of a few other unfortunate Grammy moments.

Then Metallica came on stage with Lady Gaga to play their hit single “Moth Into Flame” from their new album “Hardwired. Not only did she/he beast Laverne Cox not introduce Metallica—only introduced Lady Gaga—but then James Hetfield’s microphone was not working and the whole performance was a disaster. Lady Gaga did her best to sing the song and share her microphone with Hetfield, but the damage was done. 

Fortunately, Metallica transitions nicely into the Megadeath screw up. Megadeath ended up beating Metallica for “Best Metal Performance” but as Dave Mustaine and band went up to receive the award Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” was being played. For those who don’t know Dave Mustaine was the original guitarist and a co-founder of Metallica, before he was let go from the band in 1983 for problems with drugs.

So what does all this have to do with Trump? Well, you guessed it. Trump is being blamed for all the mistakes. One Grammy-nominated artist (who asked not to be named) said, “Trump is behind all these issues. He is trying to make us look stupid and unprepared so he can make fun of us on Twitter.” Another artist claimed that it was Trump getting back at the left for not allowing many conservative, right-wing, republican speakers speak at rallys, conferences, and other events.

Katy Perry blamed Trump and the state of the country on the production issues, stating “Everyone is just so upset and distraught over everything he’s done over the past few weeks. How can you expect people to do their jobs and think clearly?”



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