Go Home, Tyrone!

The mystery has been solved! Chicago is saved, kinda!!

Donald Trump hasn’t been shy about pointing out all the violence that has been happening in Chicago. Turn on WGN on Monday morning and you’ll hear about all the double digit murders that occurred over the weekend in predominately African American neighborhoods.

President Trump has figured out the source of all the violence that has been plaguing the city of Chicago. He has come out and placed all the blame for the black-on-black violence on illegal immigrant gang members.

He wasn’t quick to offer a solution, but we all know what it is. Send them all back across the ocean!

When asked how he came to this conclusion, he responded, “I use a very high tech, state of the art, and government inspired tool, that I can’t reveal because it’s of the utmost government secrecy.” No worries NR readers, we did our homework and found this special tool and here it is:

Yes! They’ve combined an old Nintendo Power Pad and the borrowed idea of a “Jump to Conclusions” mat from the movie, Office Space. It may not be super scientific but we’ll take it. We really don’t have another choice.

So in light of all this new information we say, “GO HOME, TYRONE AND THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!”

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