Tyler Perry’s “The Matrix”

Because Hollywood is fresh out of movie ideas, it’s time to reboot one of cinema’s most ground-breaking movies, The Matrix.

Remember how awesome the Matrix was when it first came out WAY back in 1999? The effects were amazing, the story was fantastic and confusing, and Keanu Reeves became a huge action star. But when you watch it now, in 2017,  it really doesn’t hold up.

WAIT A MINUTE…YES IT DOES! IT TOTALLY HOLDS UP!  There is nothing wrong with the original The Matrix movie. The sequels were another story, but the original was great.

But it’s about to get better and blacker (sorry “African-Americanier”)

Introducing Tyler Perry’s The Matrix starring Tyler Perry as Madea as Neo (“I’m just a dude, disguised as a chick, playing another dude.”), Ice Cube as Morpheus, and Octavia Spencer as Trinity. Rumor has it that Agent Smith will be played by none other than Forest Whitaker. In a surprising move, however, the Oracle will be played by Megan Fox.

The former Wachowski brothers, who are now trans-gender sisters, have not yet given their approval for this project.

When reached for comment, Keanu’s reaction was of course:

“Whoa!” – Keanu Reeves


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