A Message to Dems: Give Trump a Chance

People all over the country are asking the questions:

What do I tell my kids about Trump’s victory? What do you say to your LGBT and minority friends? What are we going to do? Will Canada let me in?

I understand that many of you are disappointed, depressed and worried for our country. I am too….I’ve been that way for many years. I hate politics and especially politicians.  So here are a few brief answers and videos to help you explain this unprecidented situation to your loved ones:

About the Candidates: Be sure to remind everyone that the DNC did everything they could to make Hillary the candidate over Bernie Sanders. They cheated, they got caught, and nobody cared. And now —like Obama—Trump has proven that ANYBODY can be President of the United States! Just put a positive spin on it!

About the LGBT community: Remind everyone that Hillary was also against gay marriage and that politicians like Hillary will say whatever they feel will get them elected: Here is just ONE of many videos you can show your LGBT family and friends: VIDEO

About Building the Wall and keeping out Mexicans: Yep…she voted for and wanted to build a wall…I mean fence…I mean…maybe a wall in some spots: Hillary on the wall 1 & Hillary on the wall 2.

About The Treatment of Women: Yes, the Donald has said a lot of stupid and misogynistic stuff in the past about women (and many other things), but does anybody remember what Hillary’s husband did while IN the White House? And the only reason Hillary has stayed with Bill is for her political career.


About Progress: What is more progressive than Americans voting out lifelong politicians for an American Businessman? On the surface, that is called progress, moving forward, real change. Hillary would have been more of the same and that “same” hasn’t worked in a long long time.

About Trump’s Mouth: Trump is constantly saying awful and stupid things. There is no defending it. But think back….I bet you’ve said a lot of really stupid shit that you regret. Hell, go through your Facebook or Twitter history, I bet you will be disappointed in yourself. Does it make it right? NOPE! Is it right that he is still saying this stuff, NOPE!  There is no excuse for it and hopefully with his new title, he will put a muzzle or filter on that mouth and be a little more careful. Remind your kids that “actions speak louder than words”.

Let’s be clear, I am not jumping for joy that Donald Trump is our new POTUS. We have never had someone like this in the White House and NOBODY has any idea if it will work or not. There are lots of opinions, but you know what they say about opinions….

See you in 2020!



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