IT’S TRUMP! (song lyrics)

To the tune of “LUMP” by the Presidents of the United States of America

Trump sits alone on top of the polls
Makes fun of clinton and her dummycratic trolls
Money fills up all of Trump’s pajamas
Now the dems and liberals are going bananas

He’s Trump He’s Trump
He’s competent
Vote Trump, He’s Trump, Vote Trump
Our next president

Trump lingered last in line for brains
And the one he got was sorta racist and inane
Small dick so sad just like his hands
Building walls to the moon is the immigration plan

He’s Trump He’s Trump
Don’t be hesitant
Vote Trump, He’s Trump, Vote Trump
Our Next President

Trump’s wife’s Slovenian and needed some love
Sexy eyes and body, she’s sent from above
She spent her twenties modeling sheets
Now she’d got an orange man sucking on her feets.

He’s Trump, He’s Trump
the legal resident
Vote Trump, He’s Trump, Vote Trump
our next president


Does Trump have really dumb hair?
I think so
Have we seen Melania bare?
I think so
Will he beat Hillary dead?
I think so
Can’t get Trump outta my head!

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