Presidential Inauguration Protest Starter Kit

With Obama about to tag Donald Trump into the presidential ring tomorrow. People all over the country are flying into Washington D.C. and gathering in other cities to protest America’s new President during the inauguration. Of course, what these people don’t realize is that their protest won’t make a difference and Donald Trump is going to be our next President regardless of what they do or say. What a “YUGE” waste of time.

The smart entrepreneurial types decided that this was a great time to profit from the protesters and now is selling The PRESIDENTIAL PROTEST STARTER KIT! For $99, you can get:

  • Two (2) white picket signs
  • Four (4) Sharpie Markers in Red, Blue, Green, and Black
  • A box of tissues
  • The contact information of one (1) new Black friend to put into your phone to show people how diverse you are.
  • The contact information of one (1) new Mexican friend to put into your phone to show people how diverse you are.
    • You can choose which one of these new friends will be a part of the LGBT community.
  • One (1) “My vagina hurts” sticker for your shirt
  • One (1) “My vagina hurts” bumper sticker for your car

Seems like a pretty good deal! And it is made right here in the good ol’ USofA. Pick yours up today.

Have fun protesting…while the rest of us work and pay for your food stamps and unemployment!


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