NEW SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY: Exercise & Dieting Cause Cancer

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Cancer Society (ACS) have confirmed a study by scientists at the Feldman Science & Medical Institute (FSMI) that moderate-to-excessive dieting and exercising can increase the risk of cancer in both men and women.

Dr. Carl Bunt, a FSMI researcher for 14 years, discovered this astounding revelation after noticing an abundance of cancer-causing agents in lab mice that ate and drank nothing but fruit, vegetables, and filtered water, and ran on the exercise wheel for at least 3 hours each day. Mice that spent less than 3 hours on the wheel each day, and ate processed meats, chocolate, and drank Capri Sun juices lived healthier, longer lives with no sign of cancer.

Dr. Bunt’s team of researchers took in 200 human volunteers and quarantined them into 2 separate groups. Much like the lab mice, one group lived a vegetarian lifestyle and where forced to run on a giant mouse wheel for 3+ hours a day. While the other group was allowed to eat everything from Big Macs to chocolate parfaits while sitting on a couch and watching old Popeye cartoons.

The results were conclusive and confirmed Dr. Bunt’s scientific findings. After 1 full year of observation, members of ‘Group A’  looked FANTASTIC and healthy, but all started showing early signs of cancerous growths. Group B were a disgusting-looking group, but they were happy and cancer-free (they also had abnormal cravings for spinach, hamburgers, and olive oil).

These findings, of course, go against everything that our scientists, government and health gurus have been telling us for many, many years. Little did we know that they have been giving us advice that is sending people down a cancerous road of doom.

So why do exercise and healthy eating cause cancer? Simple…

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Diets & Healthy Eating: While fruits and vegetables are good for you, they don’t provide ALL the nutrients that are needed to stay truly healthy and cancer free. Our bodies have evolved past the 4 main food groups that we were taught to eat as kids. It is important for our bodies to ingest and breakdown the fats and nutrients in other food groups like, chocolate, grease, alcohol, and sugary sweets. Like our bodies, cancer has learned to feed off of and thrive from the feeble veggies & fruit food groups. Eating from a variety of  these other food groups throws off the cancer causing agents, incapacitates them if you will, sending cancer into a food coma.

Exercise: As we all know, exercise helps us shed unwanted pounds of fat and build muscles to make us strong. But is this a good thing? The answer is NO! As previously mentioned our bodies need considerable amounts of sugars and fats and alcohol to fight off cancer. Working out just eliminates the power of these important food groups, rendering the body weak, vulnerable, and susceptible to cancer and many other of cancer’s deadly friends.

If you watch or read the news long enough, you will find that researchers are finding that just about EVERYTHING either causes cancer or some type of life-threatening disease. Dr. Bunt refused to go on record to say the following, but I’ll paraphrase, “Do yourself a favor, live life to the fullest, EAT, DRINK, and be MERRY…and eventually you will die too”.

WARNING: Reading this post may give you cancer.

Maybe I should have put that warning at the top?

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