Landscapers Will Trim Your Man Bush

Stereotypes are an unfortunate part of life.

The El Guapo Landscaping Company of Los Angeles, California has been cutting lawns and trimming bushes for 16 years. But with the current state of the economy, business has slowed and owner, Guillermo Hernandez, has had to think of other ways to keep 17 of his family members employed during these difficult times.

So Hernandez combined his love of keeping things neat and trim with the superficiality and rich lifestyle of Hollywood to come up with an innovative new idea. Hernandez is now offering manscaping as one of his services. And Hollywood stars are lining up to have Hernandez and crew shave their junk.

By definition, Manscaping is the art of grooming the male body. Shaving, waxing, and trimming are just a small part of this recent phenomenon. And it doesn’t just pertain to male genitalia, it also includes, legs, backs, and eyebrows.

When asked if he finds it weird shaving another man’s back or trimming a dude’s pubic hair into the shape of a “down arrow”, Hernandez said (through an interpreter), “I don’t mind. If these stupid, gringo Americans want to pay me to do this, then I am willing and able. I recently shaved Vin Diesel’s ass for the premier of his new ‘XxX’ movie. With the money I’ve made so far, I bought a 13,000 square foot mansion and a donkey in southern Mexico. My family is proud of me. However, I have to remember to make sure my brother Pablo keeps cutting lawns. He has horrible eye site and I don’t want him cutting the wrong thing or getting his eye poked by a run away wang.”

News of El Guapo’s success has traveled across the country and hundreds of struggling landscaping companies have decided to make the switch from Kentucky Blue Grass to Kentucky Man Ass.

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