Pinky Finally Caught Him! Namco Founder Dead

Masaya Nakumura, the founder of Namco which produced the 1980’s smash hit Pac-Man died on January 22nd at the age of 91.  Namco originally started out as a manufactuing company that made mechanical amusement rides for department stores. With Nakumura’s help, they soon found their way into the archade game business. Nakumura was been dubbed the “Father of Pac-Man”, even though it was really created by Toru Iwatani.

Nakumura and Iwatani constantly bickered over who was really behind the success of the yellow, pizza-shaped, ghost eater and stopped talking to each other in the early 80s.

In his will, Nakumura made the following outrageous (loosely translated) statement, “If I should pass on before my sworn enemy, Toru Iwatani, all the fruit and power-pellets in the world won’t stop me from haunting him and his family until the almighty Buddha himself places a giant “GAME OVER” sign on their graves.

Pretty morbid for a guy who created video games and made people happy all over the world for both past and future generations.

R.I.P. M.N.

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