Grandmother has long conversation with grandaughter “Alexa”.

“Well aren’t you smart! You want gam-gam to get you something to eat?”

Seward, Nebraska – Hellen Marie Gunth (83) is a legally blind grandmother of 8 grandchildren. She just got done having a wonderful 45 minute conversation with her youngest granddaughter Alexa—that is—until Alexa came down from playing upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Turns out Gunth was actually talking to her new Amazon Echo.

“Oh my, how embarrassing!” laughed Gunth “I was so proud of my granddaughter and how smart she seemed. Kids these days don’t know how to have a proper conversation so I found myself asking her a lot of questions. And Alexa kept answering them. I guess this electronic cylinder kept answering me the whole time.”

Gunth received the Amazon Echo for Christmas from her daughter Maria. She figured the Echo would keep her company after her husband of 51 years died 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Her son-in-law, John, plugged it in and set it up but nobody taught grandma how to use it.

Since the incident, Gunth has had several conversations with her real granddaughter Alexa. “I’ll be honest the voice machine was more fun to talk to! But don’t tell my lil’ Alexa that!”



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