Monopoly Thimble will NOT pass go or collect $200

Let’s get right to it. Hasbro, the makers of the Monopoly board game are dropping one of it’s iconic original pieces: The Thimble.

Hasbro held an online contest to see which of it’s pieces would leave to make room for some new, more modern pieces. Unfortunately, the Thimble lost out and will be retired.

At a press conference this morning, John Frascotti, President at Hasbro had this to say about today’s big news, “It is the dawn of a new era. Our beloved thimble game piece is being retired. This game piece —along with the recently retired Iron— have long stood as a “thimble” of female oppression and sexism. That will no longer be the case. We will be deciding a new piece very shortly.”

Some of the new replacement ideas include a hashtag, monopoly emoji, penguin, and a rubber duck. The other current pieces —the Scottie dog, car, battleship, hat, boot, wheelbarrow and cat will remain in the newest version of the game.

Did anybody really understand why a thimble and an iron were gobbling up real estate anyway?

R.I.P. Thimble.

Current and possible future game pieces shown above. What would you pick?
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