How you like your baby cooked?

Darius McCrary (40), who played Eddie Winslow on the pretty awful ’90s sitcom “Family Matters,” has been accused of  abusive behavior in court documents filed by his wife.

McCrary’s wife, Tammy Brawner alleges that McCrary frequently spanks his baby daughter Zoey and once “held her over a hot stove with fire going and boiling water going. He said to her that ‘he didn’t like her … and that he wish[ed] he didn’t have her.’”

The spanking doesn’t sound so bad — depending on how hard he smacks her, but holding your kid over a pot of boiling water like a helpless lobster is going to far.

McCrary is also being accused of throwing a cell phone at his—then 8 month pregnant wife—and restraining his wife and daugher when they attempted to leave.

McCrary’s lawyers had no comment, but Brawner allegedly found a notebook filled with hate speech and disturbing images mostly about Jaleel White’s character, Steve Urkel. McCrary has always felt overlooked and overshadowed by the nerdy character. In the notebook he claimed he has been suffering from mental problems since his stint on Family Matters and that what he is doing to his daughter is what millions of Family Matters’ fans have wanted to do with Urkel for many many years.

Who wants some Baby Thermidor? Steamed baby? Boiled baby brains? We make ’em fresh!


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